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Our Approach | Kamloops Counselling Services

At Kamloops Counselling Services, we meet the needs of our clients by utilizing a variety of therapeutic approaches to help our clients understand how their thoughts and behaviour influence their perceptions and actions.

Our work is rooted in the development of a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship. This essential piece of our practice allows therapist and client to discuss current challenges and explore possible solutions within the parameters of the client's reality.

Our work with clients is a supportive process that respectfully and collaboratively explores feelings, thoughts, and behaviours and allows our clients to feel heard.

At Kamloops Counselling Services clients become more confident in accessing their own wisdom to create the possibility for transformation and healing.

In our role as counsellors we facilitate the healing process through genuine acceptance and understanding of our client's journey.

As counsellors, we move forward with our clients at a pace that is mindful of their personal life experiences and their hopes for the future.